Teaser: Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

Rain comes to Wound Canyon.


1.1 Riders In The Sky

Samir and his best friend Carlyle take a long-awaited camping trip in the Canyon. A rainstorm evokes emotional confessions and spectral visions.


1.2 On the Road Again

A nightmarish duo plot to tighten their hold over the Canyon. Samir meets a charismatic cowboy and a suspiciously fantastical creature.


1.3 Ain’t No Grave

A crack sharpshooter is more than they appear. Samir learns the lay of the land, and starts demanding answers.


1.4 Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound

The winding road takes a turn for the deadly when a supernatural force attacks. Can Samir survive, separated from the caravan?


1.5 Man in Black

The caravan finally arrives at Houzon Circle, but they can't hang up their hats just yet.