Teaser: Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

[SFX: Flames crackling in a brazier.]

BAAL: [deep voice, Scottish accent] Virgyl! Virgyl, get in here!

[SFX: A fiery portal opens.]

VIRGYL: [shimmering] I await my Master's command.

BAAL: Look into the scrying flame, Virgyl. What is the meaning of this? A rainstorm in my canyon!? I did not ask for this! And the minions are talking about a vision? They say they saw a white caravan flying through the sky!

VIRGYL: How convenient, the first rain in nearly a decade and people are having visions. I wouldn't think much of it, Master.

BAAL: But what if it's true?

VIRGYL: My liege, what if what is true? A story they made up about a jolly caravan jaunting around the sky, finally here to deliver them to paradise? They can keep waiting for all I care.

BAAL: Events like these...events that inspire feelings as insipid as HOPE… they're troublesome. They tempt people to step out of line.

VIRGYL: And who better than I to punish them when they do?

BAAL: [Relenting] I'm trusting you on this, Virgyl.

VIRGYL: Never has your trust been better placed. Anything else, my lord of Hell?

BAAL: I need some air. I'm going upside. What're you doing after this?

VIRGYL: [Sighs.] I have a dog to walk.

BAAL: You're so mean to that poor thing.

VIRGYL: Well I never asked for it.

BAAL: [Pleadingly, childish.] Give him to me; he's so cute!

VIRGYL: Absolutely not.

BAAL: [Scoffs.] You're gonna give him up sooner or later, I just know it. All right. I'm going to go see what I can do about this god-awful humidity.

VIRGYL: It is truly a bane upon us. There's nothing our kind hate more than humidity. I look forward to your deliverance.

BAAL: Later, sluts!

[SFX: A flame portal opens, and BAAL vanishes within it before the portal snaps shut. Cue CARAVAN THEME MUSIC.]

A Product of the Whisperforge.

[SFX: Chime.]

[Whisper.] Sound and Story, Brought to Life.