Tau Zaman

creator, writer, director, producer, voice of virgyl

Tau wanted to tell story about getting through hell with people you love. Thus, CARAVAN was born. Before that, Tau served as a staff writer for ars PARADOXICA, the flagship audio drama of the collective. Never one to get a moment's shut-eye, they also served as Head Writer on Liminus, a performance experience that blends AR gaming technology with live theatre. Follow them on Twitter or Instagram @TauZaman .


Sushant Adlakha

voice of Samir

Sushant is an actor and hopeful writer/model/content creator. He grew up in Mumbai, India and moved to New York City where he graduated from NYU in 2018. He spends most of his time between his "real" job and his "real" passion. His past credits include digital collaborations with Buzzfeed, Comedy Central and Epicurious as well as being in the background of other things. You may also find him in the up-and-coming web series "Don't Suck". For more information follow him on Instagram where he hopes to change the world (or something).


Giancarlo Herrera

voice of Argeaux

Giancarlo is an NYC based actor with his BA in Theatre from Florida State University. Some recent credits include Eurydice (Lord of the Underworld), Living on Love (Robert Samson), and Unnecessary Farce (Eric Sheridan). See more about him at


Briggon Snow

voice of Carlyle

Briggon is the voice of Caleb on the popular science-fiction podcast, The Bright Sessions and a Co-Founder of Atypical Artists.

With a recurring role on Nickelodeon’s Game Shakers and guest spots on CBS’ Seal Team, Showtime’s Masters of Sex, and fiction podcasts such as Paul Bae’s The Big Loop, EOS 10, My Neighbors Are Dead, Ars Paradoxica, Greater Boston and a lead role in ARCS and the upcoming third season of Super Ordinary - Briggon is an actor with a wide-ranging and growing body of work on screen and behind the mic. He is an advocate for, and a member of, the LGBTQ+ community – empowering a life-long mission to cultivate and promote equality, diversity and visibility in the art he creates.


Josh Rubino

voice of Baal

Josh is a voice actor and professional antagonist based out of New York. Josh attended SUNY Purchase where he performed in Neil Simon’s Rumors as well as California Suite. Since graduating, Josh has worked in commercial VO and appeared in Breadcrumbs podcast and the audiodrama StarTripper!! He’s very excited to be portraying the Demon Lord Baal in Caravan as well as the slimy and sycophantic Captain Root in Windfall.


Danielle Shemaiah

voice of Dakota

Danielle is a Storyteller, Actor-Combatant, and sometimes Writer hailing from the Southern Wilds of Louisiana. A founding member of The Whisperforge, she got her start as a Staff Writer and Fight Choreographer for their award-winning flagship podcast, ars PARADOXICA.

Danielle is the voice of Ruth in The Far Meridian and plays Jen in Season 2 of Super Ordinary. Her voice can be heard in cameo appearances on StarTripper!!, What's the Frequency, and Under Pressure, among others. She is also Director for Season 2 of The Far Meridian and for Birdie Brogden, coming later this year.

When she's not podcasting, Danielle can be found honing her skills at the Academy of Theatrical Combat in North Hollywood, Reading in Inappropriate Places, and tweeting passionately about Diverse Media Representation, Game Design/Theme Park Technology, and Animation of all kinds. @DtCamJansen.

Danielle currently splits her time between Los Angeles, CA and New York City.


Lisette Alvarez

voice of Banshee

Lisette is a podcaster, storyteller, digital strategist, and globetrotter. They are the writer, producer, and main character of the fantasy audio drama Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services. They also play Dom in the dystopic audio drama Magic King Dom. A third culture kid with 20 countries under their belt, Lisette is also a queer, witchy Latinx creator who wants more stories that reflect their reality. You can follow them on Twitter @lisettewalking or learn more about them at

Also Featuring Performances By:


Bernardo Cubria
(voice of Miguel)


Lucy Valentine
(voice of Osprey)


Reyn Beeler
(voice of Malf)


Tina Huang
(voice of Fei)


Ian McQuown
(voice of Azmodeus)


Kristen DiMercurio
(voice of Cammy)


Jordan Cobb
(voice of Mother)


…and Mama Bang Bang as herself!

Mischa (10).JPG

Mischa Stanton

producer, lead sound designer

With 7 Audio Verse Awards wins to their name in just 3 years, it’s easy to tell why Mischa is the most sought-after sound designer in podcasting today. They have designed for over a dozen immersive storytelling podcasts, including LeVar Burton Reads and The Bright Sessions. They are co-founder & executive producer of The Whisperforge, a collective whose shows have a combined 4 million downloads to date, despite being made in a literal closet. That closet is based in Burbank, CA.


Anna Rodriguez

Sound Designer

Anna is a sound designer based out of Los Angeles. She’s had a long time passion for aural storytelling and is incredibly excited to be invited to play along with the Whisperforge crew. She received her B.F.A. in TV/Film Production as one does not currently exist for Audio Drama Production (yet). She’s eager to see (hear?) where her headphones take her next as she finds her place in this beautiful community.


Evan Cunningham

theme music

Evan is an American composer, songwriter, and producer. He has written for commercials, short films, podcasts, and pop artists in the US, Europe, and Asia.

He writes and produces for a handful of artists and singer-songwriters. He is also the composer for award-winning podcast, The Bright Sessions.


Travis Reaves

interstitial music

Travis is an animation writer and musician living in Los Angeles. He’s not currently making a living off either but he definitely lives in Los Angeles. Travis has a deep love for comedy, basketball and Rutt’s Hawaiian Cafe in Culver City. Please recommend him new music, as he consumes it like vitamins.

Also, you can hear his voice on the improvised comedy podcast 20 Sided Stories.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 9.48.30 PM.png

Marina Vermilion

visual art