Season 2 Teaser


PERI: This all began when I looked from my window and my eyes could no longer find the cliffs to the sea, but instead found a land turned to dust. Each day, a new place of possibility on which to set my feet, searching for the familiar face I thought was lost forever.

[SFX: Quiet music subtle fades in; long drawn out notes.]

PERI: I’ve found only strangers, every one drawing up scraps of my past, interweaving everything into the fabric at the forefront of my mind. But now [her voice shakes] the comforting pattern of my displaced home has been cut away, gone out of reach along with the first close friend I’ve had in a very long time. Where do you go when you’re left with nothing, when there is no path behind or ahead, merely uncertainty surrounding you? My name is Peri. I’m the girl who lost the lighthouse and I’m trying to figure out how to find my way home.

[SFX: A light piano chord, moving into singular notes which move up and down. The chord again, then those lonely notes moving up and down. Fade out.]