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Julian Mundy

Creator, head writer, director, Producer, visual & graphic artist, voice of Kaasil Saar & others

Julian Mundy is the creator and writer of StarTripper!! and not, as rumor has it, an escaped genetic experiment. Julian is one of the award-winning writers of time travel audiodrama ars PARADOXICA, and is proud to present his first outing as a show-runner! Coming from a film and writing background, combined with a love of animation and audio drama, Julian has always wanted to push the boundaries of storytelling. To go down roads less traveled, and see something new every day, is the dream. In that way, StarTripper!! is a dream project, and when Julian isn’t dodging the galactic authorities for crimes against existence itself, he is plotting new ways to get his favorite starship crew into trouble. He hopes to keep it up for a long time, and with the advances in cybernetics these days, we could be talking centuries. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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Ian McQuown

Producer, voice of feston pyxis

Born in Boulder, Colorado but raised in Los Angeles, Ian McQuown is and actor/producer who appears regularly with the youtube sketch group, Extremely Decent.

Ian also makes regular appearances in podcasting on the popular audio dramas: The Bright Sessions, ars PARADOXICA, The Far Meridian, and Deck The Halls with Matrimony as well as co-producing and starring in this beauty of a show!!


Sierra Shay

Voice of Proxy

Sierra is a Peruvian-born, St. Louis native. She started acting very young and got her roots in musical theatre. After graduating Emerson College, she moved out to L.A. and since then has appeared in several projects. You can catch her guest starring on GirlShipTV's short film, Whale Hello There!” and co-starring in their upcoming webseries, Carol's A Demon. Her other webseries/film projects include in Nation of One, Sisterhood, and The Bastards. Most recently, Sierra can be seen in Ulta Beauty stores Nationwide for their holiday '18 campaign. In her free time, you can catch Sierra perfecting her right hook at the Academy of Theatrical Combat, or ordering way more sushi than is humanly possible to eat. This is her first venture into the world of podcasting and she is very excited to explore the universe of StarTripper!! 


Sammi Lappin

voice of Serena, the Sapphire Blade

Sammi is a film and stage actress, writer, and producer originally from Boston, MA, currently based in Los Angeles. She received her B.F.A. in Acting from Syracuse University, and has studied at many other well known institutions such as the Stella Adler Studio in New York and Emerson College.

Sammi has always been a hardworking, acting-loving, goofball with an affinity for sarcastic heroines, classical text, and fight scenes. When she's not podcasting, Sammi co-heads the production company Peridot Rose Productions which recently completed their first feature film, Lemon Drop, and is now in pre-production for their next original feature. Sammi could not be more thrilled to be a part of the Startripper!! team.

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Mischa Stanton

Sound Designer, Producer, Additional voices

Mischa thought making podcasts was hard before. None of those other shows can hold a candle to the sheer mountain of work they do bringing the soundscapes of StarTripper!! to life, but the joy they receive from the finished product makes it all 100% worth it. Mischa is a full-time podcaster, splitting time between big network shows like LeVar Burton Reads and Safe For Work and independent fiction like The Bright Sessions, The Far Meridian, and Unwell. Mischa’s fondest dream in life was to create something like The Whisperforge with a group of intelligent & talented friends, so don’t let anyone tell you you can’t live your dreams, even in a 21st-century political hellscape.


Anna Rodriguez

Sound Designer

Anna is a sound designer based out of Los Angeles. She’s had a long time passion for aural storytelling and is incredibly excited to be invited to play along with the Whisperforge crew. She received her B.F.A. in TV/Film Production as one does not currently exist for Audio Drama Production (yet). She’s eager to see (hear?) where her headphones take her next as she finds her place in this beautiful community.

Additional Cast


– Season 1 –

Michelle Agresti
James Bachelor
Katie Buderwitz
Jesse Abbott Chin
Korama Danquah
Jake Del Rio
Paul Deming
Giselle De Silva
José Donado
Zach Ehrlich
Julian Fletcher
Noah Gildermaster
Helen Highfield

Tim Karasawa
Daniel Manning
Alex Marshall-Brown
Garrett Mercer
Tanya Milojevic
L. Jeffrey Moore
James Oliva
Kyle Payne
Josh Rubino
Julia Schifini
Danielle Shemaiah
Emma Sherr-Ziarko
Scotty Shoemaker