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A zowy search for the best experiences the galaxy has to offer

Feston Pyxis, native of the bureaucracy planet Lorvin, has left it all behind! He’s said his goodbyes, he’s sold all his B-movie memorabilia, and he’s bought a Physiclast QCS-25 K-series ship, known to the wise as a “StarTripper.” Together with the onboard assistant PROXY, Feston’s looking for any and every good time there is to be had across the stars!



  • Spotify Editor’s Choice: Podcasts of 2018

  • Featured by Polygon

  • Audio Verse Awards 2018 WINNER:

    • Best Audio Engineering of a New, Comedic Production

    • Best Audio Engineering of an Ongoing, Short-form, Comedic Production

    • Best Performance of a Leading Role in a New Production – Ian McQuown

    • Best Performance of a Leading Role in an Ongoing, Comedic Production – Ian McQuown

    • Best Ongoing, Short-form, Comedic Production

  • Featured on DiscoverPods

  • Featured on Bello Collective