ars Paradoxica (2015–2018)

A story about the past, the future, and the choices we make that can change both forever.

When a quantum physics experiment goes awry, Dr. Sally Grissom is left stranded at the dawn of the Cold War and in the grasp of the US Office for Developed Anomalous Resources. Over time, Sally and her team are subjected to overbearing and shady overseers, brain-bending paradoxes, intricate plots of espionage, and events that push their personal loyalties to the very brink of the laws of physics.

3 complete seasons. 36 episodes + minisodes & specials.

The Far Meridian (2017–present)

Places unknown. Memories resurfaced. A young woman in a lighthouse, finally figuring out how to leave home.

Peri hadn’t left her lighthouse in years. Until one morning, the lighthouse was somewhere new. Set adrift to wander new and mysterious places, Peri must face her fears and her memories if she wants to use her new situation to find her missing brother.

21 episodes + minisodes available. Season 2 returns Monday, January 21, 2019. Listen below for early access to the next episode, 2.8 Ars Memoraie!


StarTripper!! (2018–present)

A zowy search for the best experiences the galaxy has to offer!

Feston Pyxis, native of the bureaucracy planet Lorvin, has left it all behind! He’s said his goodbyes, he’s sold all his B-movie memorabilia, and he’s bought a Physiclast QCS-25 K-series ship, known to the wise as a “StarTripper.” Together with the onboard assistant PROXY, Feston’s looking for any and every good time there is to be had across the stars!

12 episodes + 1 holiday special available. Season 2 in pre-production.