20: Hitchhiker

written by Eli Barraza

[[SFX: tape recorder starts; Victoria serves tea]]

VICTORIA (V): Alice, dear, may I ask you something of a personal nature?

JUNE BARLOWE (JB): Vicky, four years and you still ask permission?

V: I know, but you can be quite reserved about some things! The past is the past, and all that. You’re about looking towards the future. But that’s what I’m asking about.

JB: Go on.

V: I get the sense that you’re not sticking around for much longer in Carlsbad. Lord knows, you’ve overhauled the perfume counter... But this was all just you biding time for something, isn’t it?

JB: Oh Vicky, it’s not like that. Carlsbad was good for a while but... I’ve been saving up and I think I need to move back to Illinois, where there’s some real greenery. I’m tired of seeing the New Mexico Sun on my doorstep.

V: Look, you’re a tough woman and if you think that you need to get out of here, well, I’ll miss you but I support you. Promise to send me a postcard from every rest stop so I know that some hitchhiker didn’t try to murder you on the highway?

JB: Please! As if I’d ever give a lift to a hitchhiker.

V: And, as a last request, Alice, could you... I feel a little silly saying this in case I’m wrong but, I was wondering, before you left... what’s your real name?

JB: Vicky, I... it’s June. June Barlowe.

[[SFX: radio tuning; a rural gas station; June buys a soda from a machine]]

BEN QUIGLEY (BQ): Excuse me, miss?

JB: Yes? Oh my god!

[[SFX: June flings her soda bottle at Ben]]

BQ: Whoa there! Nearly decked me!

JB: Quentin?!

BQ: Here, let me grab that for you... And the name’s not Quentin. I’m Ben. Ben Quigley.

[[SFX: Ben returns the bottle to June]]

BQ: Apologies for startling you, ma’am. I was wondering, well hoping really, if you happened to be heading north eastward on 66? Most people around here are usually heading the other way. I’d pay for gas and maybe a hot meal for the favor?

JB: Well um, Give me a minute–

BQ: Sorry about that again. Didn’t mean to scare.

JB: No no, it’s fine, woke me up better than the coffee-flavored sludge they had at the motel. Where are you going? I’m headed all the way to Illinois.

BQ: Pretty far for a lady such as yourself.

JB: I get by fine.

BQ: I don’t doubt it, with an arm like that. To be honest, I’m not too sure where I’m headed.

JB: Well Qu- Ben. Why don’t you tell me about it in the car.

BQ: Thank you kindly, ma’am. Oh, I never caught your name?

JB: June Barlowe.

QB: Barlowe. That’s a nice name.

[[SFX: They get into the car; radio tuning; as they drive]]

BQ: After I got back, I thought about what I wanted to do and it was one of those cheesy moments when I was stargazing and thought, “I’d like to go there next.”

JB: Where? To space?

BQ: Yeah, space! Like, you ever read Jules Verne? Or see the Frenchman’s picture about it? “La Voyage dans La Lune?” Now, I dunno about getting to the moon, but I’d at least like to get to space, you know?

JB: So what’s a spaceman doing in my car then?

BQ: Figured I’d get to know the country, get to know the planet a bit better before I try leaving it. All these scientists and G-Men, I don’t think they spend enough time around the people and places that they’re affecting, you know?

JB: Acutely.

BQ: And if I’m gonna help get America to space, then I want to get to know her a bit better. Brainiacs like me shouldn’t stay in their ivory tower.

JB: Not many people think like that, Mr. Quigley.

BQ: And I think that’s a right pity, Ms. Barlowe.

[[SFX: tape fast-forward; “Aura Lee” on the car radio]]

JB: Now that I’m done in Carlsbad, I thought I’d go back to where I grew up. I’ve got the beginnings of a... project in mind. It’s late summer now but oh you’d love it in the fall, Ben, with all of the leaves and the air just feels... fresh. Nothing like the dead orange air of New Mexico.

[[SFX: “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” comes on the car radio]]

BQ: I love this song!

JB: I know!

BQ: You do?

JB: ...I mean, I know, it’s a great song!

[[SFX: June turns the music up]]

BQ: Can’t go wrong with the classics. Could you turn it down a little though? It’s hard to talk over.

JB: I didn’t realize you wanted to keep talking…

[[SFX: June turns the music down]]

BQ: You’re an odd woman, Ms. Barlowe but I do enjoy talking to you.

JB: Please, call me June.

BQ: As you wish, June.

[[SFX: tape fast-forward]]

JB: I know The Invisible Man Returns isn’t the best but oh it was so fun!

BQ: But did you see the Invisible Woman?

JB: How could I, if she’s invisible?

BQ: Where have you been hiding a sense of humor?

JB: You seem to bring it out of me.

[[SFX: car is parked]]

BQ: I really hate to say it but I think this is my stop. Maybe we could grab another meal at Diamonds? I heard they rebuilt it just last year.

JB: I’d really like to but… I think I should continue on. Can’t afford to get distracted and dawdle with such a long way to go.

BQ: Holding yourself accountable, June. I like that. If I’m to be honest, of all the people I’ve gotten to know so far, I’m happiest that I’ve gotten to know you.

[[SFX: Ben opens the door]]

JB: Ben, before you go, I’d like to... Well, if you’re ever in the Chicagoland area, look me up, alright? I’d like to see you again, I mean I hope I’ll see you again.

BQ: I hope so too, June.

[[SFX: radio tuning]]

JB: Yes, Mother, I made it, safe and sound. You’re sure you and Dad are going to be alright in the DC house?... Yes, of course I’ll be over for the holidays... No, I haven’t met a MAN, I just got here. Well that’s not entirely accurate, I did meet someone... No no, he was veteran I gave a ride to, that’s all. Yes I know how dangerous it is–Mother, please! I did give him my name and maybe I’ll see him again and maybe I won’t but that’s none of your business for the time being! Tell dad I said hello.

[[SFX: June slams the receiver down]]

JB: Pull yourself together, June. Just because you met a man who looks like Quentin and acts like Quentin and now all you’re thinking about is... no. God gave you a brain, he expects you to use it. Especially when the heart’s all used up... Now. Where to begin.

[[SFX: radio tuning; phone ringback]]

HELEN PARTRIDGE (HP): (on phone) Hello?

JB: Is this Helen Partridge?

HP: Who’s calling?

JB: My name is June, June Barlowe, from–

HP: Polvo, right, you. Why on earth are you calling me?

JB: ...I’m sorry, Helen. I-I just moved back to Chicago, well Evanston, really, and was hoping to reconnect with old friends, talk about–

HP: We weren’t much friends, June. Our husbands worked together. We both went to the same cocktail parties. Not much else. And Los Angeles is a bit of a hike from Chicago.

JB: Look, I’m just trying to reconnect with everyone and it’s been a trouble to find people.

HP: Trouble? You know as well as I do that’s all you’ll have if ODAR finds out you’ve been snooping around. My recommendation? Stop whatever you’re thinking about doing. Now.

JB: But Helen I–

[[SFX: Helen hangs up; June slams the receiver]]

JB: Dammit!

[[SFX: radio tuning]]

PATTY FITZROY (PF): Here’s your tea, June. Lemme check if George is still here. (calls out) George, darlin’, June’s here! George?! June Barlowe our very dear old friend is here! (to June) Hm, he musta left already to go teach his class. University of Chicago, you know a lotta ODAR folks went there!

JB: You don’t say.

PF: Oh June, I was so happy when you called! we thought you dropped off the face of the earth after what happened to Quentin, ah, such a tragedy. But here you are, bright as ever and that perfume! I’ve been dabbling in aromas myself, figured I’d have some fun with my chemistry background.

JB: –That’s fascinating! And how are the others doing? I spoke to Gertrude, Helen, and Jill so far but have had some trouble tracking down the rest of the old gang, especially that Esther Roberts.

PF: You know I have no idea where Esther went off to, disappeared when we all went our separate ways. You know, she was one of those Chicago gals, too! But it’s the funniest thing, you know. Last week, there I was, talking to George about how no, I couldn’t go to the faculty function tomorrow, the second episode of the Lone Ranger was gonna be on, when the phone rang. It was a reporter! Asking about ODAR people just like you–well not JUST like you but anyways here I am thinking cowboys and then this Mr. Gaines fella calls asking about science! Well, I couldn’t tell him much because, well, you know how it is.

JB: A reporter? Do you by any chance still have his number?

PF: Sure! Took it down just to be polite, hold on, it was around here somewhere.. oh! Of course right under George’s hat. I told him earlier he looks exactly like Clayton Moore in it but he called me a big fat liar and I told him just you wait, you’ll see him on the broadcast tonight, identical!

[[SFX: radio tuning; June dials the phone]]

JB: C’mon June, just call him. Pump him for information. He’s only a reporter, you’ve dealt with those types before. He’s just a silly man who probably doesn’t even know what he knows.

[[SFX: phone ringback; Lou answers; music plays in the background]]

LOU GAINES (LG): (on phone) Louis Gaines speaking.

JB: Hello? Mister Gaines? I hope this isn’t a bad time, I know it’s late. I’m calling from Evanston. My name is June Barlowe.

[[SFX: radio tuning]]

RECEPTIONIST (R): Hello ma’am. Can I help you? You seem a little lost.

JB: Oh hello! I was just looking for an alumni directory, I wanted to reconnect with some old classmates.

R: I can certainly go and check in our records, what year was it that you graduated?

JB: Ah, well you see some of these... friends graduated a different year than me but I can’t recall the exact year. Could you perhaps look them up by name? An Esther Roberts perhaps?

R: I’ll see what I can do, ma’am.

[[SFX: The receptionist walks away]]

JB: Work with that man... Probably drop me the minute I tell him anything. Do it alone, like you’ve been. You can do this.

[[SFX: The receptionist returns]]

R: I don’t have anything current listed for an Esther Roberts but we did recently do an alumni feature on a... Bridget Chambers, who graduated the same year. The photo of their class is on the wall over there. Ring a bell?

JB: Ah, there she is, right next to Esther actually! How funny. Yes, could I grab her information? She might know how to hunt down my dear ole Esther.

[[SFX: radio tuning; June returns home]]

JB: New York! I knew this wouldn’t be convenient, but Jesus, it’s like chipping away at a mountain! Okay, options. Call her.... Not ideal. Ask parents for a ticket.... Too many strings. I could always... Dammit June, if you’re Alice down the rabbit hole, you may as well take someone else with you.

[[SFX: June dials; phone ringback; Lou answers, with music]]

LG: (on phone) Louis Gaines speaking.

JB: I’ve thought it over. We’ll have to be careful, Mr. Gaines, you don’t know what they can do.

[[SFX: radio tuning; a party]]

JB: I know it feels like we’ve hit a stone wall after Bridget in October but at least you haven’t had to host dinner parties with the post-Polvo wives club!

LG: (on phone) They can’t be all that bad.

JB: You’ve never sat next to Gertrude Klein on her third glass of wine... I used to be friends with these people, Lou. But now I’ve got this whole new perspective, listening and picking up any scrap of information I can get. But there’s been nothing useful!

LG: We’ll keep our noses to the ground June. Check the papers, see if anything’s been tied up a little too neatly. We’ll get ‘em. Like you said. Any luck at your DC shindig?

JB: My mother’s attempt at marrying me off to some middle aged bachelor again. I had to avoid a certain member of Paul Douglas’s staff for several hours.

LG: Did you dig anything up?

JB: Unfortunately, not many were people in the mood to discuss government contracts and scientific exploits with a widowed woman over the holiday. Oh, listen, I’ve got to go. We’ll catch up soon.

LG: Happy New Year, June.

JB: Happy New Year, Lou.

[[SFX: June hangs up; radio tuning]]

LG: (on phone) I’ve got a lead on a post office in Colorado.

JB: Do you think that’s where they are?

LG: Maybe, but with a name like Point-of-Exile, it’s oddly on the nose. I’ll call you back with what I find out.

[[SFX: June hangs up; the phone rings]]

JB: Barlowe residence.

OPERATOR: (on phone) We have a collect call from Mexico, will you accept charges?

JB: Mexico? Who on earth?... yes I’ll accept.

OPERATOR: Please hold.

[[SFX: lines connected]]

PETRA (P): (on phone) Ms. Barlowe. Can I call you June?

JB: Who is this?

P: I’m just an interested party, checking in on your progress in disrupting a certain government organization. I’d say my friends call me Petra but... I’m fresh out of friends. But I intend to help if you’ll accept it.

JB: And what would make me trust a voice on the phone?

P: Quick on the uptake! I like that.

JB: I’ve been doing this for a while, Petra. These days I can smell them coming from fifty paces.

P: I’ve left the employ of our mutual friends recently and the skills I gained from them were attained at... a high cost. I think you’ll take my meaning when I say that I’ve seen my future with them and it was not all that bright.

JB: I do take your meaning and I’m sorry for whatever happened to you, but who’s to say that you aren’t still in their employ?

P: If I was, they would have stopped you before you started. You’re hitting dead ends, June, but you can still beat them! It’s time you widened the circle.

JB: I’ll think on it. Lou and I are partners and I’d like to discuss this... widening the circle.

P: He’s next on my list to call. I’ll let him know to trust your judgment. I already do.

[[SFX: radio tuning]]

LG: (on phone) Well I don’t know about you, June, but I’ve crossed every other name off my list. If we’re going to have any chance at success, we need her. If what you told me is for real, then we need her.

JB: After what she made me do, how could I possibly–?

LG: Are you sure she’s to blame? You know her better than I do. Either it was intentional, or there’s something else going on, now, what’s more likely?

JB: [sigh] Fine. If you can track her down, if you can make a compelling case–

LG: I’ll do it, June. We’re close.

JB: You’re a maniac. Best of luck.

[[SFX: June hangs up]]

JB: Track down Sally Grissom, that high horse riding, garbage spewing, takes no action freak! I can’t believe he wants to... she’s the reason why I’m here in the first place!

[[SFX: phone rings; June picks up]]

JB: Barlowe residence, please don’t tell me this is another call from Mexico, those rates are ridiculous!

BQ: (on phone) Mexico? Who have you been talking to in Mexico?

JB: Oh I beg your pardon, I thought... [clears throat] who may I ask is calling?

BQ: I know it’s been over a year, June, but I was hoping you wouldn’t forget me that easily.

JB: ...Ben?

BQ: Oh thank god, I really had to strike up the courage to look you up and then as the phone was ringing, I realized that you might not remember me and for a moment there you didn’t but you do! ...I should start over. Hello, it’s Ben Quigley, the man who hitched a ride with you last year. Also the man who would like to see you maybe for dinner?

JB: Ah, you’ve caught me at an interesting time, Ben.

BQ: Oh. I see. Well then, I’m sorry to have bothered you, Ms. Barlowe. Perhaps another time, have a nice day–

JB: I can cook dinner! Financially, going out is a bit extravagant but I can cook... if you like.

BQ: You aren’t afraid of having some man over to your home?

JB: [laughs] Ben Quigley, if you were going to do something drastic to me, you had an entire road trip to do it! No, I haven't had a guest over that I actually liked in ages, so it’s no problem, really. Friday at 7 work?

BQ: It works perfectly.

[[SFX: radio tuning]]

JB: Ben, you are downright dastardly!

BQ: What? I’d gone for months surrounded by these serious gray faces, pretending I too was a serious gray faced man, and I couldn’t take it anymore! I couldn’t tell if he was amused at my prank or happy that he finally had a reason to transfer me to another department. Either way, I’m happy to be done with neutrinos. Not really my thing as it turns--

[[SFX: doorbell]]

JB: What on earth? Just a moment Ben, probably just a salesman... or some girl scouts.

BQ: At this hour?

[[SFX: June opens the door]]

P: Hello, June. Mind if I come in? Been traveling nonstop from Mexico!

JB: Pet... Petr–

P: Petrified to meet me? Excellent! Exactly the effect I was looking for. Sneaking up on people, kind of my thing these days. Sorry it had to be you, Lou is way higher up on ODAR’s list of people to keep an eye on so I didn’t want to risk showing up in Delaware. How are you, June?

BQ: Oh, it is a girl scout.

P: I’m not a Girl Scout. Yet another thing I’ve missed out on. Anyways, my name is Petra and oh my God, you’re Quentin Barlowe!

BQ: Ah, what?

JB: Ksh, shush shhhh shhh no, Petra, this is my friend Mr. Quigley. Ben Quigley.

BQ: Quentin... you kept calling me that during the road trip.

JB: What? No I didn’t.

BQ: And this young lady just said Quentin Barlowe, hang on, what’s going on here?

[[SFX: static distortion]]

P: June, this is Quentin, I’ve seen pictures of the original timepiece team. When we agreed to get the gang together, I didn’t realize... Wasn’t he was dead though? Yeah, he was the reason why ODAR never allowed weapons near the timepiece.

[[SFX: static distortion recedes]]

BQ: Timepiece? ODAR? June, who is this young woman?

P: You haven’t told him?!? Wait, how does he not know? Oh my God, wait, your husband was a time traveler, and you didn’t even know it, and now you’re trying to hide that from the earlier version of him so he doesn’t end up going back and dying all over again??... Wowza, maybe I shouldn’t have said all of those things out loud. I’ve gotten way too used to talking to myself.

BQ: June, want me to call the police? This woman isn’t making any sense, I think she might be disturbed.

JB: I...I need to show you something, Ben.

P: This is all happening very fast isn’t it? Try living backwards for a while–about five years a year, now that is living fast! It’s really nice to be able to say these things out loud without ODAR eavesdropping on very single phone call, you know. And you’re walking away, okay I will follow and close the door behind me.

[[SFX: radio tuning]]

JB: I’ve asked Petra to stay in the dining room while I explain things. At least the things about us.

BQ: Please, just tell me whatever you mean to tell me.

JB: The reason why I keep calling you Quentin is that... I was once married to a man by the name of Quentin Barlowe.

[[SFX: June opens a photo album]]

JB: We met in 1943, married not long after. Never took to a person so quickly, really. We were relocated to Polvo so fast we didn’t even have to time to get our own house together. Quentin worked on a government project, a machine that can move backwards in time. They called it the Timepiece. Quentin was brilliant, and they saw that and they used it. And then... the man that was my husband died. Murdered. By a bullet that was fired the week after he died.

BQ: I’ll admit, June. That man bears a striking resemblance but–

JB: I know your favorite song! I know that you hate strawberries and that you used to cut out your favorite Krazy Kat strips and use them as bookmarks! I do believe, even if I don’t want to, that you are that man in the photo. And I am absolutely terrified that if they killed you once, they’ll do it again.

BQ: Alright, let’s say I believe you. How does that young lady out there figure into all of this?

JB: She’s a... friend. After you, after Quentin died I had to lay low for a while but this past year I’ve been looking into ODAR, looking into how to stop them from hurting anyone else. She’s helped spur the investigation along. And there’s a man, Lou Gaines, I’ve been working with him this whole time. I’m so sorry, this is a lot to drop on a person all at once.

BQ: Yes, telling a person that not only is time travel possible but that they’re a time traveller, oh wait, no, not yet, later, also that they have a wife who was so upset by their death–

JB: Well you’re technically not dead yet–

BQ: Right, the death that hasn’t happened, caused said wife to go on a multi-year crusade to bring down the mysterious government organization responsible for that death! That, June, is a lot to drop on person! What does ODAR even stand for anyway?

JB: Office of Developed Anomalous Resources.

BQ: Of course it does.

JB: There’s no easy way to do this. It’s a bit all or nothing.

BQ: So I’ve gathered. Are you a time traveler too?

JB: Ha! Good gracious no. I won’t go within a 10 mile radius of that infernal thing if I don’t have to. Petra, on the other hand, I have a feeling she’s used it quite a bit.

BQ: Well, let’s go and find out.

JB: You’re not... running for the hills?

BQ: Look, either you’re two of the most interesting lunatics I’ve ever met, or you’re right and we’re dealing with time travel. I said I wanted to be involved with the new frontier, right? Well this is it. Plus, if you are right, I’d really rather not die in 1945. Let’s go out and talk to this Petra.

[[SFX: radio tuning; June and Petra do the dishes]]

P: That was a fun conversation.

JB: You seem to be a part of a lot of those.

P: Keep an eye on him, June. I’m not saying that he’s a turncoat or will be. I’m talking medically. Pay attention to his speech patterns. If he coughs. If he gets confused about the order things happen...

JB: Do you think he might have, what did you call it, Butterfly Syndrome?

P: I’m not sure if there’s an effect on people who have yet to travel but the brain really doesn’t take well to paradoxes.

JB: Yours did.

P: And I paid an impossible price for it. At least you got him back, June. I’m never going to see them again.

JB: You know, sometimes you sound so very young and other times you sound older than I am.

P: Yeah, well that’s pretty much how I feel all of the time.

[[SFX: more dishes]]

P: So, do you really think that Lou can convince Sally Grissom to help us?

[[SFX: June drops a plate; she collects the pieces]]

P: Oh sorry, sore subject. We only ever heard all the good stuff about her. ODAR propaganda at it again.

JB: Yes, well she brought them the Timepiece on a silver platter.

P: Though, June, I mean... I know you went through hell but you know that Sally hasn’t exactly had an easy time of it herself, right? I’m not excusing anything she’s done but... just don’t throttle her if she shows, okay? ODAR screws everyone over equally.

JB: Not equally.

P: Point taken. Okay, new topic: what do you think of using code names when we get the gang together? I was thinking I could be Strider or OOH! Mountain Shroud!

[[SFX: radio tuning; teletypes and a radio scanner]]

JB: Petra, when I said that you could use the guest room, I didn’t mean for you to set up your own war room–

P: There’s someone pacing outside your house. She looks like she might be talking to herself.

JB: Oh god. I’ll get it, you stay here.

P: And now she’s walking up the walkway... no, no, she’s turning around... wait she’s coming back again, nevermind she’s changed her mind. You’d think she’d get dizzy! Oh, and now for the final approach... oh my God it’s actually her!

[[SFX: radio tuning]]

SG: So… No mushroom canapés I see.

[[SFX: June sets her cup down a little too hard; Petra enters]]

P: Lou called earlier, said the others should be arriving in a few days.

SG: Others! Yes, awesome other people with whom I may interact, we can all interact! Draw up plans, take down ODAR…. and, all that jazz….

[[SFX: silence; Sally coughs]]

P: Butterfly Syndrome?

SG: What? Oh, no. Just feeling really weird… You know June, I didn’t think we’d, you know, hug or anything but I figured that words would, um, be exchanged and you would bring me up to speed on everything, and this terrible knot in my stomach would untie itself, and I could stop feeling like I was gonna throw up god damnit I really have the worst reversaries, girl cannot catch a break–

JB: You haven’t apologised.

SG: I’m sorry.

JB: Excuse me?

SG: I’m sorry. Look, June, I have spent a lot of time feeling guilty over my role in ODAR and the Timepiece and ruining people’s lives because there is so much more that’s happened that you have no idea about. I was practically Miss Havisham level not leaving my house for a while. So yeah, I am sorry. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. But I’m not here for a pity party. I’m not here to get yelled at. I’m here to figure out how to fix this. I have an idea that might work! We tried it once before but then, Nikhil... the man who I was working with. They got him before we could put it into motion.

P: Nikhil? N-Nikhil Sharma?

SG: Yeah, you know him?

P: I... um... I’m going to make another cup of coffee. Does anyone want some? No, okay cool.

[[SFX: Petra exits]]

JB: I’m sorry. About your friend. This... Nikhil.

SG: Thank you.

JB: Let me be clear with you. I do not like you. My world is lesser with you in it and nothing you can say or do will ever change that. I know that we need you and you need us if we are to pull this off. But we will never be “pals.” Clear?

SG: Crystal.

JB: Good. There are also some other things that we need to discuss.

SG: I know, first we have to figure out how to break into ODAR, actually we might be able to circumvent that if we got our hands on our own Rainbow generator or maybe built one ourselves but dammit they probably have those papers under lock key and ODAR time agent bullshit but what if, hm, I wonder what Victor Lambert is up to these days, probably still behind bars after that Christmas fiasco in Polvo but it might be easier to break him out rather than getting the–

JB: Sally.

[[SFX: knock on door]]

JB: Ah, there he is.

SG: I thought Petra said that the others weren’t arriving for a few days.

JB: Oh, she meant Lou and his people. No, this is someone... well I can’t fully explain it but you’ll recognize him.

[[SFX: June opens the door]]

JB: Ben, this is Sally Grissom. Sally, meet Ben Quigley.

BQ: It’s a pleasure to meet you Ms. Grissom.

SG: I... How... It’s Dr. Grissom.

[[SFX: tape recorder stops]]

ars PARADOXICA was created by Daniel Manning & Mischa Stanton.
Episode 20: Hitchhiker features – 

Hannah Trobaugh (June Barlowe)
Lee Satterwhite (Quentin Barlowe/Ben Quigley)
Susanna Kavee (Helen Partridge)

L. Jeffrey Moore (Lou Gaines)
Lia Peros (Petra)
Kristen DiMercurio (Sally Grissom)
Lily Richards, Eli Barraza, Erin Bark, Aze Gates (additional voices)
with special thanks to Isabel Atkinson

Original music by Mischa Stanton and by Eno Freedman-Brodmann.
ars PARADOXICA is brought to you by The Internet: Thanks, Obama.

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